Best Thriller Books - 2019 Update

Hello and Happy New Year to all of my readers. 

Last year I added some more material to Show No Fear a bouncer’s diary. I also made the decision to have a new front cover designed. 

This year I will be launching my latest crime thriller Death Sentence and would be looking at getting this one to you in early 2019.

Steal a little, they call you a thief, steal a lot and they call you a king.
The book opens with a sophisticated bank robbery. Hours later the police find two members of the team shot to death and a third at death's door. The huge amount of loot and the remaining two gang members have disappeared. 

This is book 5 in the Nick Harland detective series. It’s an intriguing story, written in the first person POV. Death Sentence has a particularly nasty beginning, and plot twists are abundant. It’s complicated and gritty, and you are never quite sure who’s good and who’s bad, or what detective Harland, is up to, however, all is revealed in the last chapter. 

Other characters are, Nick Harland’s young, new sexy partner Tracey, his old friend George Smith puts in another appearance, and tagging along for the ride is ex con, part time alcoholic and surveillance expert, ‘Jimmy the bug.’ The story is a tense race against time, this is a violent, absorbing crime thriller.
That's all for now.


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