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Author Bill Carson gained his experience in witnessing crime and sociopathic behaviour as a nightclub bouncer, fascinated by the strange, violent events he saw he began making a record of them. He compiled this in his first book SHOW NO FEAR a Bouncer’s diary and enjoying that outlet he enrolled in an Open University fiction writing course which after a year of hard study he passed.
Bill says.. “For writing to be effective you must be able to understand the key elements of storytelling. There are many fundamentals that make up a good intriguing story, or page turner.

I would consider my crime thrillers to be what is sometimes referred to as hard-boiled or noir crime.  I must confess an interest in narratives about good people who do bad things for good reasons. My stories are full of action and intrigue, I don’t just want the story to flow I want it to surge. I write about characters that are tough and quirky, carefree, exciting, loving, loyal and dangerous.  I like to write about the power of one and people who are up against the odds, but carry on no matter what the cost.  I like to write about people who are right at the end of their tether, and I like to drop them in the deep end to see what happens.  I try to make the good characters likable and some are loosely based on real people. And as for the villains, I make them utterly detestable creatures. And so when they succumb to a sticky end, it’s all good, because what goes around comes around, right?
Writing is an art form, a craft which takes a long time to perfect. For me it’s a slow process full of pitfalls and hurdles to overcome and can be a tremendously frustrating undertaking at times. However, to have a book that you have lost sleep over and have spent a year or two planning and writing sitting in the palm of your hand is a truly extraordinary experience.”


Bill continues to pen hard hitting crime novels now. Readers agree, with a string of five-star reviews. Sarah Hardy (top 100 reviewer) comments, “These books certainly make for dark and gritty reads. Nick Harland has to be one of the most straight talking men you will ever meet. He tells it as it is and he certainly doesn't take any rubbish from anyone. There is also an underlying sense of dark humour in these books which I really enjoyed. The author certainly doesn’t hold any punches, for example Dark City (4th in the series) is definitely one of the darkest and creepiest to date and had me going through a mixture of emotions and certainly did not end in the way I expected it to.”
Reviewer Marc Stern commenting on Dark City.

“The thing that I enjoyed most about this mystery gem is the way the author involves you in the story. Not only are the key characters – Nick, his wife and partner Anna and his great friend George – immensely likable, they also seem quite real. You easily empathize with, and, indeed, start worrying about them.

Almost instantly, I found myself drawn into the novel, following the characters carefully and hoping everything would work out. That Carson accomplishes the task of creating an engrossing tale is much to the author’s credit. If you are looking for a great read that will keep you glued to every page, take a look at Dark City. I think you will be glad you did.” Five star amazon.com review.

Bill Carson has an entertaining series, he terms the Nick Harland Detective Series, of which NECESSARY EVILS is Book 1, NEMESIS is Book 2, NEVER SAY DIE is Book 3 and DARK CITY is Book 4 and book 5 is DEATH SENTENCE.


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