Best kindle crime thriller - Death Sentence

Steal a little, they call you a thief, steal a lot and they call you a king.

New Kindle Crime Thriller - Death Sentence is a race against time, violent crime thriller.
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Five men in a back room of a seedy underground bar in Paris are planning a daring bank raid.
Two days later the team arrives in London.

Two of the gang, disguised as police officers, pay a visit to a well respected middle aged bank
manager’s home in the early hours. The bogus police officers are invited in on the premiss that there is something wrong at the bank. Once inside the house the bank manager’s wife is attacked and injected with poison. She now has less than an hour to live. The villains tell the bank manager they’ll give her the antidote once they are inside the vault of his bank.
Once inside the bank vault the bank manager is battered to death and his wife is simply left to suffer a most appalling slow demise.

The job, however, is a great success, and the team escapes with £180 million in gold bullion, cash and diamonds. Soon after the robbery, two of the gang are murdered, three survive. The gang leader/mastermind, Otto Steiger, and his henchman disappear with the entire haul. The remaining gang member, Jack Miller, has been shot and is left for dead at a remote farm. The police find Miller later the same day. They also find 2 men shot to death, a bag full of cash, and an ingot of gold from the bank raid lying near by. Miller’s fingerprints are on the gold bar and a pistol. He survives his injuries, says nothing to the police and is sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Miller knows he was set up and used by Steiger from the start. From day one of his incarceration Miller has been planning his escape. After ten years in a maximum-security wing, he is diagnosed with a terminal illness and moved to an open prison. But the illness changes nothing, and the move to a less secure environment gives him an unexpected opportunity to escape. Soon after the robbery, Steiger, changed his identity and became Leo Constantine, who is now a powerful business mogul.

Miller’s escape is a national news story and Constantine knows that Miller will be coming after him. Constantine needs to act fast, and sets a hasty plan into action where he employs a number of private detectives, including Nick Harland, to find Miller’s wife, Tessa, in a bid to hold her as a human shield against anything that Miller might try. He offers Harland a deal, the deal is that he’s got to find the woman within 48 hours, if he does, a bonus of £500 in cash will be paid.

Plot twists are abundant in this complicated crime caper and you are never quite sure who’s good and who’s bad, or what private detective Nick Harland, in particular, is up to, until the last chapter. Other characters are, Harland’s young, sexy partner Tracey, his old friend George Smith, and old acquaintance, ex con, part time alcoholic and surveillance expert, ‘Jimmy the bug.’