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Show No Fear

Show No Fear - A Bouncer's Diary

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In this eye-opener of a book, the author records the 'more unusual and violent incidents' in his career as a bouncer. It may shock you to realise exactly the risks that bouncers take on the doors of night clubs and pubs, and even at private functions. If the bouncer is to 'show no fear', he must build up strong mental and physical toughness through disciplined training.

Combat Magazine - Book Review
The author gets plenty of opportunities to try out the techniques he learns in the gym, whether it's a stranglehold or a right hook. If you have a run-in with some 'weekend warriors', words are simply not enough to deal with it.
But this is not a disheartening story of mindless aggression. Some incidents are really funny, and the author's colourful language and wry humour help soften the blows when they come. Read this book, and next time you'll spare a thought for the bouncer who ta…

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