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Spring Heeled Jack

  Spring Heeled Jack.   The villain, appearing in the guise of a ghost, a bear and a devil, has been, within the last week or so repeatedly seen at Lewisham and Blackheath. So much, indeed, he has frightened the inhabitants of those peaceful districts, that women and children durst not stir out of their houses after dark! -Extract from the Times newspaper, 11th January 1838. The Victorian age was a time of great invention, scientific discovery and reform. It was also an age of great interest in tales of Spiritualism and ghosts. Seances were very much in vogue and paranormal research was on the increase.  The Ghost Club, for example, was formed in 1862, the group was set up to evaluate, using a scientific approach, the existence of ghosts. At the same time they were also trying to expose charlatans and fake mediums. One of the most popular books at the time was Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, first published 1818.     Jack the Ripper had slashed his way to notoriety during the late 18

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