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Is there anybody there? 

In my 4th book in the Nick Harland detective series Dark City,  private detective Nick Harland teams up with a psychic to try and help solve a most disturbing murder case. I have always been fascinated by this kind of eerie phenomena, so I decided to do a little digging into the subject.

Is it possible to see into the future, or relive past events by simply using your mind? Lots of people claim to be able to receive messages from the dead, and some claim to have spirit guides who help them contact and speak to the long departed.

I’m not convinced by these types, especially the ones who appear in theatres, with exotic stage names, Psychic Esmeralda, Psychic Sally, The Long Island Medium. Oh, and have you ever seen a photo of the self proclaimed psychic Gary Spivey? WTF, say no more.

Ok, there will always be charlatans that prey on weak and vulnerable people. However, I cannot dismiss the possible existence of psychic phenomena.  What I am interested in are the stories that have defied all logical explanations. For example the person who wakes in the middle of the night drenched in a cold sweat  because of a nightmarish premonition, a premonition that actually happens in the near future.

How many times have you thought about someone from your distant past only to hear from them the next day? Coincidence? Or were you connecting with the person in some way? Any of you ever had a déjà vu experience (French for already seen).  I have, and when it happens, it seems to trigger a memory of an event at a place that we’ve already seen, but in reality you have never been to, seen, or experienced before.  There seems to be a slight delay when this occurs and you find yourself standing still and just staring, waiting for the event to happen, and then with startling clarity and in real time, bingo! It happens right in front of your eyes. I believe that these occurrences are things that no one can fully understand or explain. It has been said that the brain is a kind of radio, which is able to be set to different frequencies.  So, if the brain is a receiver, then could it be a transmitter also?  I suppose that some people are more tuned in to these wavelengths than others, and could be able to see things from the energy left behind after an event?

When speaking of cases which defy logic one always comes to my mind, and that is the case involving a lady called Etta Louise Smith from the USA. In 1980 Etta had a disturbing vision after hearing a radio broadcast about a young nurse that had recently gone missing. Her vision was of a young woman's dead body dressed in white and dumped in a remote area. She went to the police with her story, but they were not interested, so she decided to go in search of the location herself.  Remarkably, she followed her intuition and went straight to the body. She informed the police and the young nurse's body was discovered and Etta was promptly arrested, questioned and jailed as the main suspect in the nurse's murder. However, after a short period the real murderers were quickly caught and Etta was released. She sued the police for wrongful arrest, won her case and received $26,000 in compensation.

This kind of precognition does occur, it is real, and that’s why I’m always confident to occasionally use psychics in my detective novels.